How Can Video Marketing Help In Boosting The Startup Business During The Pandemic

Video Marketing

Cisco forecasts that 82% of all online traffic is likely to be videos by 2022. The video really came in quickly and dominated the marketing space. Face it – the dominant or preferred type of internet material is no longer textual content.

For millennials, YouTube became the news station in the morning, and Gen Z and Netflix became the 24/7 film theatre. All these platforms are influencing our global perspective, events, and trends. These include Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Facebook feed, and Instagram Stories. Snapchat.

And it’s not just large companies who create Super Bowl commercials for millions of dollars, even teenagers are now making huge dollars on TikTok. Video also emerges in order to contact, educate, and nurture prospective consumers as a marketing strategy for B2B brands as for B2C companies.

If you are a potential start-up who wants to spread the word about your goods or services, it is not recommendable to skip video marketing.

6 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Start-up Businesses

1. Videos Enable Ease of Subject Delivery

Comprehensive explanations of your product in textual form or even in PowerPoint slides cannot be compared to videos that grab people’s attention and hold them.

With people as such, a good film may be worth a thousand words. This is especially relevant for the development of creative and yet complicated goods by tech companies.

The mechanics for a user interface, or how people want to interact with your product, are far simpler to show by creating a video of someone at the start-up using your product, than by providing a long-written guide on how to use your product.

Furthermore, a movie provides a brief description of what makes your product worthwhile, how it differs from that of its rivals, or how it makes your life basically simpler.

2. Videos are Great for Expanding Audience Reach

It is only sensible to look for ways to remain at the top amidst the heavy competition, as more companies engage through email, blogs, and social media. Videos may be demanding in time, energy, and money, but they’re valuable.

Video marketing improves the exposure of your business to a wider group. Research indicates that one-third of the online activities include the viewing and download of movies. Every day on YouTube around 5 billion videos are seen, with 53% of spectators seeking more videos.

A single viral video may increase the brand engagement of everything your tiny start-up requires. The Dollar Shave Club has grown into a $1 billion business with a single viral video as a famous case study.

Videos received more than 22 million views in 2015. The worth of the brand is now 615 million US dollars with a client base of 1.1 million people. Who knows? Your startup might only be one video away from the jackpot.

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3. Video Marketing is Cost-effective

Given the huge development of technology and businesses relying on an online video editor for creative needs, the creation of videos has become immensely cheap and easy.

Video marketing is thus a handy technique to minimize the expense of employing a sufficient number of telemarketers to achieve the same number of customers that video marketing can reach.

Moreover, compared to salespeople, video marketing is much more persuasive. Video advertisements may be seen and made for viewers at all times without getting interrupted by telemarketers.

Video-based selling is on average cheaper and covers a larger market size compared to the latter, given the expense of Telemarketing and the deployment of sellers.

4. Videos Enhance Sales & Conversions

The most important thing is that videos may generate money for start-ups. The integration of a video to the site’s landing page improves conversion by 80%. It is able to immediately lead one to sales.

This product may then be purchased by up to 74% of those who viewed a product explanation video. This outcome should not be that unexpected.

This is because our primary sense and information are visual. When a single image generates enormous involvement, only moving images can fathom the effect.

5. Video Marketing Provides Optimal ROI

As thrilling as news is, 83% of companies think video marketing gives a decent return on investment. Although it is not economically efficient and an easy job to do, but it provides an optimal return on your investments.

Furthermore, editing tools continually improve and are getting cheap every day. Even our cellphones can work their magic in the filming of a video these days.

Video marketing is also fascinating since the video does not have to be flawless. A recent study indicates that films that did not clearly or adequately describe their goods and services seemed to turn their viewers off.

However, a low-quality film with a bad design didn’t appear as important to viewers as a well-made video.

6. Videos Improve your SERP Rankings

With the inclusion of a video on your start-up’s site, visitors will remain on the site longer. This allows extended visibility on the site to develop confidence and indicates to the search engines the extent of the material.

An abundance of data indicates that websites containing videos may be listed up to 53 times higher on Google SERP. As Google and YouTube are the same, the rating of the site and search engine increases significantly.

Wrapping up

To sum up, video marketing is becoming cheap and widely available. The technological progress and it is simple to disseminate across the world are rapidly accepted. Marketing films for start-ups need a deeper knowledge of human psychology and creativity.

This allows producing amazing publicity videos at a little cost which drives significant eyeballs towards your newfound business.

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