Google launched New Pixel Buds: Elegant look and powered By Google Assistant

Pixel buds

Google has launched wireless ear buds at its hardware event Made by Google. After Samsung, Apple, now Google has also come in the race for wireless earbuds.

Pixel WireLess Earbuds: It has a long range Bluetooth connector so its coverage will be more. The range is up to three rooms, that is, you can leave the phone in the first room and go to the third room.

Pixel buds

Pixel Buds has a 24-hour battery backup. Its backup is up to 5 hours without a wireless charging box. It has an option of adaptive sound which will adjust itself according to the surrounding sound. For example, if there is strong wind, then due to this, your calling will not be affected.  

The price of Google Pixel Buds has been kept at $ 179 and its sales will start from next year. You will also be able to use it standalone. Google Eariatant is also supported in this earbuds.

Pixel buds

Calls from Google Pixel Buds can also be performed for which tasks have been taken by Google Assistant. The company has said that calling will be much clearer and sound will be of high quality.

Spatial vent has been given in Pixel Earbuds, due to which you will not feel that your ears are completely blocked. According to the company, you will be able to hear so much voice around it, in which your music or call is not affected.

Pixel buds

Voice commands are also given in Pixel Earbuds, if you want, you can also give commands by speaking with it.

Pixel Buds


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