Google Assistant smartly integrated in a big display with the beautiful look and few interesting colours made its way named as Google Home Hub.

The Google Home Hub is now available for pre-order for $150, It will ship on October 22. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Google Home Hub?

Google Home Hub is combination of smart display and smart speaker in a beautiful sleek design to help you in your daily routine especially this is integrated with nest for home security, cctv cameras, smart lights and more.

Google Home Hub Look And Feel.

Google Home Hub Look And Feel

Home Hub comes in four different colours which is mentioned above in the picture the backside is covered custom-designed fabric by Google colours are very pleased to Eyes display is very beautifully a line in a certain angle for better viewing angles overall home hub looks very beautiful and premium.

Smart Display With No Camera?

smart display integration is fabulous but this camera missing at the launch event Google mentioned that why they have not integrated a camera with it. “we wanted to build the product which can be used very easily also the privacy concern was there now you can you use it in bedrooms too.”

Google Assistant Integration.

beautiful display beautiful design couple with Google Assistant is the best combination. Google Assistant comes with you amazing features like voice recognition personal Google which is a feature Let’s Google Assistant define home assistant is talking and they can personalize their experience research result and more.

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Price wise Google Assistant tips Amazon Ale stay tuned for more we will be coming with our school review and full better overview we have integrated a YouTube video from Google so you can watch it and get a 360 overview of Google Home Hub.

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