Get Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger | Facebook keeps updating the UI of its applications like the Facebook Messenger or official Facebook app. In may 2018 that the Facebook Messenger app will be redesign and this new style with updated ui elements was released for a few users, but everybody was not pleased with this. currently that the rollout is going on for everybody, there’s one feature that you just could also be missing, and that’s Dark Mode.

Get Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s new UI


Yes, it is officially announced that Dark Mode, but this new updated Facebook Messenger eventually arrive with this new design with update ui elements, but still, there is no way to enable it dark mode in Facebook Messenger. Maybe in upcoming updates, this option will be added to Messenger. Still, if you’re like me and can’t wait and wants to try the Dark mode right now, then there is a way to Get Dark Mode in the Facebook Messenger. The thing is that a rooted device is required for this method since you have to make few changes to the app’s settings that can’t be possible without root.


Here are the required apps that you need to have on your phone for this method–

  • A Terminal Application like ‘Termux’
  • Latest Beta version of Facebook Messenger. which you can download the latest version from APKMirror.
  • Firstly remove the already installed Facebook Messenger app and then install the latest Beta version of it and set it up before you try the steps below.

Now that you have installed both the required apps, follow it step by step –

Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

  • Open Termux alo and type the following command and hit enter. So basically, this command is used to ask for Superuser (root) rights, you will see a new window where you need to Grant the super user permission.


  • Now, type or copy this command and hit enter –

am start -n “com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity”

Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

  • Once you tap enter, you will now see a new screen with the option named ‘Search Gatekeepers.’ Tap on this option and search for ‘dark.’

Get Dark Mode in Facebook MessengerGet Dark Mode in Facebook MessengerGet Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

  • You will see a few search results with values either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Here, the only thing that you need to do is to tap on those that are ‘No’ and this will enable them, i.e., make the value ‘Yes.’ One everything is ‘Yes,’ that’s it.

Get Dark Mode in Facebook MessengerGet Dark Mode in Facebook MessengerGet Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

  • Finally, Dark mode is enabled know simply close the ‘Termux’ app and Facebook Messenger app. Now, reopen Messenger. You won’t see Dark Theme but don’t worry. Tap on your Profile Picture, and there, you will find an option ‘Dark Mode.’ Simply turn the toggle ‘ON,’ and you will Get Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger.

So, this is the method if you want to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger right now and don’t want to wait for the official rollout. Since the new Messenger UI is now already here, we hope Dark Mode will also arrive in coming weeks.




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