5 Best Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is the best option for streaming YouTube on big TV screens, but sometimes Amazon Fire TV Stick has some problems arriving at YouTube. When this happens, you may receive a message of “can’t connect” or “YouTube Keeps Pausing” because it is a generic app load error issue while you are streaming. There are some ways to solve these the youtube keeps stopping. So, in this article we will briefly describe the best 5 ways to resolve YouTube Keeps Pausing error; just follow the steps in the order listed below.

Restart Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV stick is a well-known media streaming contraption. However, while using Fire TV this might prompt some issues and YouTube not working is likewise one of the significant issues in this Fire TV stick. Yet, restarting the Amazon Fire TV Stick might resolve this application crashing issue. If this technique isn’t applied in the right way, your YouTube TV will in any case crash or continuously show the stacking page. In this way, follow the given steps without avoiding any part.

Step 1. First of all, scroll up on the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV Stick and spotlight the “Home” Tab.

Step 2. Once you complete the above steps, go to the right side of your screen and click on the “Settings”.

Step 3. Now, in the setting options scroll to the right and press on the “My Fire TV” option.

Step 3. In the My Fire TV option, you can see there is a “Restart” option. Once you click on that option your Fire Stick will restart.

Restart Amazon Fire TV Stick

Note: If you are stuck on the blank screen then hold the back button down until it takes you to the home page then follows the above steps.

Restart YouTube TV

In some cases, or mostly at the place where you are stuck now, it happens when you are side-loading your application and the Fire TV will freeze or be stuck at the moment. At this moment you have to force the YouTube TV to end all the programs and activities to restart the application to use. So, to do this you have to follow the given steps properly.

Step 1. First, of all, you have to go to the settings of your Fire TV stick which is available on the home screen.

Step 2. There are many options allotted at the settings menu. Out of these options, you have to click on the “Applications” option.

Step 3. Now, once you reach the Applications part you can see there are some more options. Now, there is an option called “Manage Installed Applications” just click on this.

Step 4. Now, in the Managed Installed Applications you have to click on the applications which are frozen, stuck, or getting crash meaning “YouTube TV”.

Step 5. Now, in the “YouTube TV” option you have to click on the “Force Stop” option then your problem may be fixed.

Now, if the given steps are not working then there are some more ways to resolve this problem. Have a look at them!!

Performing Power Cycle Process

If you are stuck at some place and nothing is working then you can also unplug the HDMI port from your Fire TV Stick and wait for a few seconds then plug the HDMI port in. But, if still, the problem is going on then you have to fully close your YouTube application and can perform a power cycle process from the given steps.

1. First of all, you have to fully close the YouTube app. If you don’t know the correct way to force the application to exit, follow the 1st method to do this.

2. Now, once you exit the application you can perform the power cycle process by unplugging your router or modem for 10 min and restarting them.

3. After restarting the router, unplug the power cable of the TV from your wall outlet and hold the TV set power switch for 10 seconds.

4. Once you complete the above steps wait for approximately 20 min then restart your Fire TV Stick.

Delete Cache and Data from The Fire Stick TV

The Amazon Fire Stick TV is a media streaming contraption and it stores a ton of superfluous junk data. Because of this the vast majority of the application quits working accurately and surprisingly this may prompt the slow down and application crash. This junk information and the cache is the fundamental explanation of not working YouTube TV on your Fire Stick. Thus, how about we see the right way to clear such unnecessary junk data and if you skip any step then your issue will not be solved.

1. First of all, you have to return back to the home menu of your Amazon Fire TV. And if you are not able to get back then restart the Fire Stick (2nd process).

2. Now, at the right corner of your home there is an option of “settings”. Just click on this “settings” option.

3. Once you reach the settings there are some options, you have to click on the “Applications” option.

3. In the Applications menu press on the “Manage Installed Applications”.

Delete Cache and Data from The Fire Stick TV

4. Once you complete the above steps, you can see there are many applications. Just click on “YouTube” to clear its cache.

5. Now, in the YouTube option click on the option “Clear Cache”.

6. Here, you have to delete the unnecessary information so click the “Back Button” from your remote. Then all the junk cache will be deleted.

Restore Fire Stick TV to Factory Default

If all the steps given above are not working then restore your Fire Stick to factory default. By doing this all the user information and app will delete and it becomes like new and by doing this your issue will definitely be resolved.

1. First of all, go to the “settings” option in the home menu.

2. Now, there is a “Device” option just click on that.

Note: This may be a System on devices that haven’t been updated to the latest version.

3. Now, simply scroll down and select an option called “Reset to Factory Defaults”. If you have a pin setup then it may be asked during reset.

Restore Fire Stick TV to Factory Default

4. Now, just click on the reset button and Fire Stick will successfully reset to factory default. 


All the steps are easy to follow and I hope you have successfully fix YouTube keeps pausing error on your fire TV stick, keeps in mind restoring Fire Stick TV to Factory Default will erase all the data so in my suggestion you should try this method only if none of the above methods works for you, for more how-to guides bookmark this gizmoxo.com.

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