How to Fix Slow Charging on Android

Fix slow charging on Android

There are may people tend to complain of slow charging issues on their Android smartphone. And it’s quite evident particularly on the phones that don’t support any type of fast charging. If you too are tired of keep your phone plugged in charging all day, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a simple step by step guide on how to fix slow charging problem on your Android smartphone.

9 Ways to Fix Slow Charging on Android

We have listed 9 ways that we have personally tested on our smartphones to bring you the best working Ways to Fix Slow Charging.

1. Avoid Using Phone While Charging

Using your smartphone while charging wastes a significant amount of power on running up the display and other network resources. This parallel power consumption reduces the current you’re smartphone battery is being charged at, there for degrading the overall battery charging speed.

Similarly, a lot of old phones tend to heat up if you use them while charging. When the heat goes above a specific temperature limit, the phone starts throttling the charging speed as well as performance in order to maintain the smartphone temperature.

Besides that, the excess heat from the processor and disply can cause damaged to the battery or suffer from severely reduced battery life. Hence, it’s better to avoid using your smartphone or any device for that matter during charging.

2. Enable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode: Fix slow charging on Android

We suggest you should consider enabling airplane mode. By doing that, your phone will stop attempting to communicate with wifi and cell towers, and you won’t be able to send or receive calls or text messages.

Plus, it’ll also disable the mobile data that means you’ll no longer receive notifications. So, if you have a very limited time to charge the phone and can manage a couple of minutes with no cellular connectivity, go for it!

3. Turn Off Connectivity Features

Turn off connectivity: Fix slow charging on Android

If you can’t live cellular connectivity thenyou should Turn Off Connectivity Features because Connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and NFC use the dedicated hardware given on your smartphone to work. This causes increased battery consumption.

So, turn off all the unnecessary connectivity features, including mobile data, while charging your phone to speed up the chargiy process.

4. Use Battery Saving Mode

Almost every other Android phone comes pre-installed built-in battery saving mode. By enabling it significantly reduces the number of background apps and processes eating up your device resources, which will help you boosts charging speeds when plugged in your devices.

5. Update your Phone’s Software

Software update Android: Fix slow charging on Android

A recent software update may have installed a bugged your phone’s charging speeds or battery performance. If so, then wait for a software fix from the company. Else, you can try downgrading the software to the previous version either manually or by taking your phone to the brand authorized service center.

6. Avoid Charging from Laptop or PC

Phone charging from laptop: Fix slow charging on Android

Ever wondered why your Android phone charges so slow when plugged into a Laptop or PC? Well, it’s because those ports are primarily meant for data transfers and are not capable of supplying the current required for fast charging a smartphone.

For instance, a computer’s USB 2.0 port can shell out a maximum of 0.5A while the USB 3.0 port can provide a peak charging rate of 0.9A, which is way lower than charging current standards. A dedicated wall charger, in comparison, is usually rated at 2A.

7. Check your Cable

USB cable: Fix slow charging on Android

If your phone’s charging speed have dropped significantly in the past few days, the reason could be a damaged USB cable. Generally, these cables tend to lose their efficiency over the period and may break down at any moment without even showing any signs of damage.

So, try replacing your charging cable and see if it was the real culprit. Also, while buying a new cable, always prefer the ones from good brands that have a higher gauge and are compatible with your your charging adapter’s output ratings. If your device supports fast charging, make sure the cable also supports that particular charging technology.

8. Get the Right Charger

Powe brick: Fix slow charging on Android

If the cable is fine, the issue could be with the charging brick. Now days, most chargers come with universal ports that can be used to charge any smartphone. And that’s where things start to go wrong.

Therefore, you should always make sure that you’re charging your phone with the company’s original power brick that came along with the box. If that’s not available, use a certified third-party charger with similar specifications (match amperage and voltage ratings). If you’re using any counterfeit or unbranded chargers, throw them right away as they could be hazardous.

Furthermore, if your phone supports fast charging, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the company will give a fast charger in the box. Even if they do, at times, it may not be the fastest one that your smartphone supports.

For example, the Redmi K20 Pro came with an 18W fast charger while the 27W brick was being sold separately by the Xiaomi. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, despite having support for 45W fast charging, comes bundled with a slower 25W stock charger. So look out for your phone’s charging capabilities and check if it supports a faster charging adapter.

9. Check your Battery, Replace if Necessary

Battery replacement: Fix slow charging on Android

Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their efficiency in the long run. It can also be caused by following unhealthy charging practices like charging with laptop or computer. So, if your phone is not charging as fast or holding charge as it used to do a couple of months back, get it checked at the brand’s authorized service center and ask for a battery replacement.

Usually, the battery replacement is done for free if found defective within the warranty period. Even for out of warranty cases, the replacement costs won’t burn a hole in your pocket. That being said, don’t go for local batteries at any cost!

Wrapping Up

So these were 9 most feasible ways to fix slow charging on Android smartphone. That being said, aways keep your phone in a cool place while charging, and try to carry a Powerbank to juice it up on the go. Do let us know if you have anything else to add in the comments below. And feel free to reach out in case of any doubts or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my android say charging slowly?

Wrong charger/power adapter. The phone itself is old. You’re using the phone while it’s charging. Background apps are draining your battery.

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?

When you have a slow charging Android device, the first thing to check or consider is your USB wire. A faulty USB cable is the most famous culprit for this case. That’s why it’s always available at phone accessories stores because a lot of people buy them to replace their old ones.

Why is my phone hot and losing battery?

An overheating phone can also be a sign that your phone is infected with malware. … This maxed out the processor’s computing power and caused the device to overheat, causing the phone’s battery to noticeably bulge just two days after the initial infection.
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