How to Find Minecraft Server IP Address?

Minecraft is a solo cum multiplayer game that can be connected over several devices also on a LAN. Those who have played the Minecraft game would know how simple their interface is free from any fancy graphics and setups. Those who have played the game can realize how captivating the game is. The game turns further interesting when played in multiplayer mode

For doing so, you have to play the game on a server. You can use mods or also create your own rules through Minecraft server hosting. For that, you need to know how to find the Minecraft server address / IP address! Follow us till the end to know how to do so.

How to Setup the Minecraft Server?

If you created a Minecraft server you will be in an advantageous position of creating your own set of rules. The process of Minecraft server setup is also easy and extremely time efficient. Here’s the step-by-step procedure –

Step 1. First, you have to install Minecraft using your java. Ensure that you have ample storage for placing all the Minecraft server files there in a folder.

Step 2. Press right-click on the .jar file extension followed by the choose run as administrator option.

Step 3. Open the eula.txt from the application folder. Now alter the eula=falso to eula=true text.

Step 4. Lead the cmd window following the Minecraft folder. Input java-jar mincraft_server.1.9.5.jar. Press enter. After that, your filename will change to the Minecraft jar file name.

Step 5. Check whether the Minecraft server is visible on the website or not. Now, enter the server IP address and select the checkbox.
Input localhost and play on your server. Allow other players to use the IP address so they can join you. (It is through port forwarding that other players can only join you free from interruption by the router).

Finding the Minecraft Server IP address from the PC

Remember, the Minecraft Server IP address is the same as your PC IP address. To make others connect to your Minecraft game, they must know the IP address. The process is not complicated at all, follow the below steps only.


Step 1. Tap on the windows icon and from there tap on the run window. ( use shortcut: windows+R)

Step 2. Input cmd in the run window and then press enter.

Step 3. Those having poor connectivity would locate the IP address listed below IPv4 addresses and ethernet. Those who want to set up their Minecraft server leave the CMD window open as it is or else shut it down.

Forward the ports via your router to your Minecraft server. Now refer to the router’s manual as every manufacturer does it differently. Forward the TCP port 25565 to people who want to connect via the internet.

Accessing most routers’ settings is also simple. All you have to do is input the IP address (of your router) into the browser address bar. Now, type the username and router password to access the settings.


Step 1. Tap on the apple icon available at the top left corner and access the menu.

Step 2. Select System Preferences and then tap on view.

Step 3. From the dropdown menu, all you have to do is choose the network option.

Step 4. Drive into the wifi or ethernet (based on the connectivity) available at the left sidebar.

Step 5. Now locate the IP address in the IP address line.

Else, use the command line utility and spotlight search to find the terminal. You can also search for it in the applications. Access the terminal and enter ipconfig getifaddr en1 for ethernet connection. In the case of a wifi connection, type ipconfig getifaddr enO to get the IP address.

How to Find Minecraft Server IP Address on Smartphones?


Step 1. Run the settings app and choose wifi available above the page.

Step 2. Choose the wifi network you are at present connected with. You can also do so by simply tapping on the i icon available near the network name.

Step 3. Scroll below and find the IPV4 address displayed near the IP Address line.


Step 1. Click on the settings app and click on network & internet. There, choose wi-fi.

Step 2. Select your currently connected network name and extend the dropdown menu under the advanced section.

Step 3. Find the IP address displayed below the network details.

(The options may vary slightly depending on the android version you are currently using. The above process is mainly for Android 10 users)

Ways of Finding a Server IP Address for Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


Step 1. For brands like Sony locating the ps4 up address is quite simple. Switch on the PS4 and press the PS logo button on your controller.

Step 2. Go to settings and choose the network.

Step 3. Press view connection status and there you will find the server address under the label IP Address.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch address is the same as the wifi network address. Learn how to find the Minecraft Server IP address on a Nintendo switch below.

Step 1. Switch on the Nintendo Switch and tap on System Settings from your main menu.

Step 2. Scroll and select internet available from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Choose advanced from the below right corner of the display screen. Under the Properties near the IPV4 Address, your network IP address will be shown.


The Xbox internet protocol address is the same as the Minecraft server address on an Xbox. Follow the steps below to locate the unique numerical IP address

Step 1. After switching on your console press the home button (X) on the controller.

Step 2. Go to settings > Network > Network Settings and Advanced Settings.

Step 3. Under the advanced settings, choose IP settings and then find the IP address. Copy and share them with your friends.

Conclusion: Find Minecraft Server Address!

Unlike what it may seem, finding the Minecraft Server IP address is super easy, no matter what device you are using to play the game. However, remember any of the procedures mentioned above to solve: how to find the Minecraft Server IP Address is very specific to the versions your operating devices are using. For example, the setting options available for the Android 10 version may not be the same in the case of other Android upgraded versions or likewise.

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