How to Factory Reset Chromebook

Chromebooks are very lightweight and powerful devices, I personally use an HP Chromebook 14, ChromeOS improves my workflow as it syncs all the data with the Gmail id and you can easily change primary account on Chromebook. But for any reason, you want to factory reset Chromebook follow my step-by-step guide. Keep in mind this process will wipe everything on your Chromebook:

  • All images, videos, files, and other media saved in your Downloads
  • If you use clipboard managers for Chromebook all the data will be wiped in not synced to the cloud
  • Any other files you have saved in any custom folders you’ve created
  • Saved wireless networks and passwords
  • Chrome OS settings for that particular device
  • Any snap you captured using the snipping tool on Chromebook

Factory Reset Chromebook in 2022

In this article, you will learn to factory reset Chromebook without a password to powerwash and hard reset, I have included 2 methods that can be used to factory reset ChromeOS.

Factory Reset Chromebook from Settings

  1. Click on the notification center at the bottom-right corner and click on Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced > Reset Settings
  3. Here you will find the Powerwash menu and a Reset button click on Reset and follow the on-screen instructions and within few minutes the Chromebook will factory reset itself make sure you have a 50+ battery level or you can plug in the charger in the laptop. Now Chromebook will boot and it will be like new follow on-screen instructions to set up the device.
Factory Reset Chromebook

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Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password

if you have lost your Chromebook password follow the steps to reset your Chromebook without the password.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys at the same time
  2. Click on Powerwash

Now it will start the factory reset process on the Chromebook without a password after that follow the on-screen instructions to set up it again.

Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password


So that was my take on how to reset a Chromebook in two different ways. You can choose any of the methods from this article as per your needs. So, now that your Chromebook is up and running like new, check out Best Video Editing Software for Chromebook. Anyway, that is all from my side.

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