How to Delete Expired Subscriptions on iPhone (2024 Updated)

We are living in an internet era where almost everything is running off subscriptions like Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there are a lot of services that we want to use once or using the trial. So in this article, you will learn to stop auto-renew before the app ends the trial on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Thanks to Apple you can easily find and manage all the apps and subscriptions.

Cancel App Subscription on iPhone (iOS 14/15)

If you want to remove app subscriptions on iPhone or any other Apple device follow the steps carefully.

Step 1. Open Settings App on your iPhone

Step 2. Click on the Apple ID profile

Step 3. Tap on Subscriptions 

Remove App Subscription on iPhone

Now you will see all the App Subscriptions here. Choose any of the apps that you want and cancel the app Subscription. And that’s how easy it is to cancel to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone.

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How to Change or Cancel Subscription on MacBook

Canceling a subscription on MacBook is extremely easy it only requires you to follow to steps:

1. On Mac go to Mac App Store > Click on Account Name > View Information

2. Scroll down go to Account Information > Manage

How to Delete Expired Subscriptions on iPhone and Mac

Here you will find the list of all your purchases from active and inactive apps and you can manage from here. Look for the application you want to cancel the subscription and cancel it that’s how is it is.

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How do I stop my iCloud storage subscription?

How to cancel an iCloud storage plan on iPhone in few easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings app and click on your account name.
  2. Click on iCloud
  3. Under the iCloud storage bar, click on Manage Storage.
  4. Now click on Change Storage Plan
  5. Now click on Downgrade Options and sign in with Apple ID password
Delete Expired Subscriptions on iPhone

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Canceling a subscription is very important as sometimes you don’t require the application anymore and the subscription is still active you can lose a lot of money. I hope by following this article you have learned how to delete expired subscriptions on iPhone. Consider sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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