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Blog description

Blog Description play some major role in website ranking on Google Bing and other search engines.

You want you website to rank on #1 on Google? Most of you will say yes!

There are multiple factors that depends on your website ranking and one of the most important and commonly used is meta description or you can say the blog description.

With various ranking factors you have to make your base stronger so you rank higher and meta title and meta descriptions are the core of basic SEO.

Everyone wants to drive traffic to their blog and generate revenue and the best source of traffic is SEO.


Here is the secret I have created a full guide which will help you to write a better description for your blog.

First of all welcome all the future bloggers those who are reading because you guys are going to learn my secret tricks because of that I am ranking on Google.

You are reading this article because some of you may not be taking blog description seriously, but it is as important as the quality content.

When I started my articles was not ranking on Google just because I did not optimised my blog description in this article I will be covering everything you need to know about meta description.

Before we move to our secret first of all let me clear :

What is Blog Description

Website or blog description is the text which appears SERP below your link.

This helps The reader to understand what is inside the article and whether to click it or not?

Types of Blog Description

Basically there are two types of blog description that you find on Google or another search engine.

  1. Website or Blog Description : This is a short description of your Blog or website homepage which gives information on which topic our blog is and that appears below your site link in SERP.
  2. Article or Post Description  – This is a short summary or you can say description of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERP.

Believe me you are reading this article just because of title tag and block description.

If you learn properly how to optimise blog description then you can easily outrank your competitors and that too without backlinks are you can say off page SEO.

How to Write Blog Description for Homepage?

I always prefer writing blog post description as you are writing the first paragraph of your article.


We always explain what we are going to cover in our first paragraph this helps users to understand blog post in a better way.

If you are able to deliver same thing on Google SERP, then your search traffic will improve like a rocket because you will get more clicks and this triggers a signal to Google to improve your ranking.

This is one of the greatest ranking signal for Google that will make your website traffic boom you will be flooded with the people commenting on your blog post and interacting with you and at the end of the day you will be making money of it.

Blog’s Homepage description helps you to convince users with your description about which niche you are covering in your blog.

If you are using rank math plugin like me or yoast SEO both plugins have an option which helps you to edit your homepage description easily. 

With this feature, You can easily add your blog description using any SEO Plugin.


Tips For Creating a Blog Description for Homepage

  • Explain your Blog Niche.
  • Showcase your website expertise.
  • Make eye catchy description.
  • Explain about your brand

I think you must have understood about it so let move I had and share some example of blog description.

Some Examples Of Blog Description

You should know how you can craft a good blog description, 

So, Here some examples which will help you to get an idea on how to make an eye catchy blog description that generates more clicks.

  1. The Verge

Why it’s good? Because if you look closely you will found there is 2011 mentioned which shows website is old and it is trustable and second thing partnership with Vox Media this simply adds authority to it.

2. Google


Why it’s good? Because simply they are sharing what they does best which is showing search results whether it is images videos or web pages.

3. Backlinko


Why it’s good? Remember I said you have to write eye catchy description have a look on “backlinks that make a difference” this is the best example of it.

4. Phone Radar


Why it’s good? Because they are explaining what they does to help the user example “tech stories in the best and simplest way with up to date info” this is what a tech guy needs.

5. Shoutmeloud


Why it’s good? Because there is a line which is is “an award winning blog” this also adds a kind of authority in the mind of users so they are more likely to click on this result.

6. Beebom


Why it’s good? Because this is the simplest example of explaining Niche of the website or blog that helps user to understand what is inside it.

7. Tryootech


Why it’s good? Because attention closely you will find the name call Amit Mishra he is is very talented digital marketer and his popular also because of it this makes kind of authority.

8. IfitSeo


Why it’s good? Because user intent is basically earn money through blogging and if you have no taste in the description there are both keywords blogging and earn money place in good manner that make sense not like keyword stuffing.

9. Ahrefs


Why it’s good? Because in the description they have shared that they had one of the biggest backing database in the world also they update it very frequently.

10. Digital Inspiration


Why it’s good? Because in simple they have shared what is their USP of the blog and what kind of articles you will read here.

These are such blog description examples which will help you to get an idea about how you can write an eye-catchy and attractive description.

How to write Article/Blog Post Description?

As you have reached this part of article I am assuming that you have learnt about meta description or or blog description.

Writing a blog post description is as simple as writing a short paragraph and you can easily master it,


You can use Rank Math or Yoast Seo Plugin to edit your blog post description, You have to go to in post editor –


This area is called the meta description that shows on Google below your link in SERP.

Here, You can see you have to enter your blog post description and optimise for search engine result page easily.

Note : Back in September 2009, Google announced that the text in meta descriptions and meta keywords is not a ranking factor into algorithms for search.

Wait, wait, wait,

But blog descriptions are very important for two reasons:

  • They help convince people to click on your result in the organic listings.
  • Because Google measures CTR rate, they might indirectly improve your rankings by boosting your site’s organic CTR.

Note: We have to give only a sneak peak of out content in the description so when a user come across our results they don’t leave our blog without reading it. With that you will get only targeted people who are actually interested to get some help from your article.

I think now you know how to write blog post description,

But Wait!

In Blog post description there are the two types of description which found easily – 


As you can see in the above image there are 2 types of blog post description which are available in SERP,

But did you know that a long description doesn’t help you to increase your ranking but short description attracts the user and fill the curiosity in them to check your blog post.

So don’t make long description because it looks so bad in the search engine and not very effective and if you remember all the images about I should in the example there was only one side which was having a long description.

Tips for writing powerful blog post description

For making a high ctr and powerful blog post description we have to add some things in that because if you don’t have attractive blog meta description or post description so maybe you are losing some of your traffic.

So here are my secret tips which I personally use to get a boost in CTR and also in Ranking – 

  • Not More Than 160 characters – Don’t write description more than 160 characters because after crossed this characters line your description is considered as long which looks ugly.
  • Add Call To Action –  Make some call to action words to increase higher change to get clicks in search engine result pages.
  • Be Unique – Make your blog post description as unique as possible because it make your blog unique than others.
  • Use Conversational words – Use word like I and we to interact with your readers in description also.
  • Use LSI Keywords – Using LSI Keywords in description helps you to rank on them also. Personally i am using it and increased my organic traffic around 67% but don’t add same keyword because it gives bad signal to google and you will hit by penalty.
  • Use Main Keyword – You have to add your main keyword in blog description naturally so it is easy to understand google crawler about your main keyword.
  • Include Power Words – Power word actually helps you to get more conversion. Using this type of words, Teespring increased there conversion around 13.7%.
  • Stick to your brand voice and tone, but also keep it conversational.
  • Make sure you convey value to the reader.
  • Write in active voice.
  • Make sure your descriptions match your content – don’t trick the user into clicking your link.

A Pro Tip: Here is the pro tip which i am using to get high ctr –

  1. Go to google and search your main keyword.
  2. Find the ads of that particular keyword.
  3. Try to add their some of LSI keywords of the ads in your post description. So by this you got some boost in CTR.

I think you got the idea about how you can craft a power blog post description,

So let’s move on and find how to optimize it for keywords.

How to optimize keyword in blog post description?

For increasing ranking in search engine result pages you should have to add main keyword in description.

You have to add your main keyword naturally and along with this, you can also add LSI keyword, Medium and Long tail keywords.

By adding the main keyword naturally in blog post description it helps to send a strong signal of relevance to the google about your main keyword.

And your ranking chances gets improved.

Google Adsense Highest CPC Keywords List 2019

How to add blog description on blogger?

I think you have understood the uppers portion you got some idea about it but this for bloggers user who is struggling to add blog description in there blog in bloggers.

So here is the guide which helps you.

  • Go to blogger dashboard and then click on setting
Add description in blogger
  • Click on “Search Preferences” option on setting option.
  • Click to Meta Description “On” usually it off so, On it then you can easily add a blog description in blogger platform.

I hope now you get all the information about adding a meta/blog description in blogger.

Conclusion – Now it’s your turn

After reading this article, I hope you got an idea that why we no to focus on this,

I have tried to cover every topic which helps you to create a great blog description and also added some examples.

If you like this amazing post then leave a comment below and tell it is helpful for you or not.

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