How to Block Ads on Samsung TV (2024 Updated Guide)

While many blog apps and websites depend on revenue coming from ad banner impressions and clicks, it’s a fact that some of these ads can be very annoying. What if you wanted to block ads on Samsung TV? Thankfully, you can do that, it just require that you make a few setting changes in your Samsung smart tv.

Is there a way to block ads on a Samsung smart TV?

Quick Answer

You can block ads on your Samsung TV by opening Chrome and tapping on the three-dot menu button. Go to Settings -> Support ->Terms & Policy -> Interest Based Advertisement turn the toggle off.

Block Ads on Samsung TV using AdGuard Ad Blocker

To block ads on smasung smart tv we need to setup a DNS on your wifi router to block all kind of ads follow the steps given below.

1. Open your router admin page from your browser. Depending on the model of your router, try entering one the following addresses:

2. Enter the router login and password (Often the default values are admin / admin).

3. Find where DNS settings are located in the router’s admin console. Choose one of the following AdGuard DNS servers and replace the current addresses with the addresses of the chosen server:




  • 2a10:50c0::ad1:ff
  • 2a10:50c0::ad2:ff

4. Save the changes.

AdGuard is a general-purpose network-wide ad-blocker, that protects your network from ads and trackers without requiring any setup on individual devices.


This is how you can block ads on Samsung TV, If you don’t want to use AdGuard you can always set up pi-hole at your home on a Raspberry pi check out this article on How to Setup Pi-hole On Raspberry Pi.

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