5 Best Tools to Create Animated Video for Digital Marketing

Best Tools to Create Animated Video

Creating the best-animated videos for digital marketing requires a high level of creativity and ingenuity. You can have the best ideas in mind but they may not reflect well if you don’t have the right tools. 

Perusing on the internet is one way to get an idea of what to use. We are supporting that by giving you the five best tools for your cartoon video before you put your idea into action. There are limitations with various tools on the market. 

We will counter that by showing you what you can use with minor limitations if any. 

  1. Doratoon – Best Cartoon Video Maker for Digital Marketing 

You may be cornered into downloading software to create an animated video for marketing purposes. That is okay until you find a platform like Doratoon working online. It will save you from having to download and work on one device unless the chosen tool is cross-platform. 

Best Cartoon Video Maker for Digital Marketing

Since Doratoon is web-based, you can use it on any device with a browser and internet connection. All you need is to sign up for a free account to get started. If you don’t know what to do, hundreds of templates in different categories guide you. 

They are all in HD and that helps you in improving the visuals in your digital marketing video. You can use any based on your niche to create the video which means you don’t have to start from scratch. 

After the creation, you can choose to download and share manually or you can share directly from the Doratoon website. Platforms supported in sharing include all the major social media platforms and YouTube. 

Some of the features to utilize while on this platform include:

Background Sound and Music 

Your marketing videos cannot be complete without a theme song and the sounds for the characters or explanation. Doratoon gives you a few ways to embed them on the video. You can upload the company’s theme song and recorded sounds. 

If you don’t have them, Doratoon has samples for you, and it’s also possible to select the best voice from the options given. 

Numerous Templates 

There are templates ready for use once you join Doratoon. You can follow the tutorials on the website to see the best use case before creating yours. In addition to templates, there are also animated characters that you can drag and drop as you make the cartoon video

Since the templates and characters are all there, you don’t need to draw your own, although that is still possible on the website. 

PPT to Video Conversion 

If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you can convert it into video via Doratoon. In addition, you can include all the sound effects you need to make it lively. All you need is to import the PowerPoint to the platform. You have an option to import the whole PPT or some of the pages. 

PPT to Video Conversion 

AI Dubbing 

This is the act of converting text input into audio. Doratoon is a pro in that, and all you need is to enter the text you need to convert. If you don’t want to include the voiceovers, this is a feature you will want to utilize. 

The best part is that Doratoon has various sound options. So, the only thing you need to ensure is that the picked sound matches the video you are creating, and the target audience can appreciate the effort. 

Images and Subtitles Addition 

Would you like to use some designated images for your marketing video? Doratoon allows you to upload the photos you need to create the video. If you need the audience to understand every word in the context, you can also add subtitles. 

Social Media Sharing

Once you create the video, Doratoon will allow you to connect with the larger audience out there. That is why there are links to enable sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among other social platforms. 

  1. Moovly 

Moovly is another online platform that will help you create the videos you need for marketing. It’s one of the few tools that can integrate with more than 170 million items on Shutterstock. That is why it suits the marketers, educators, or the sales team. 

With Moovly, you can drag and drop to create, which makes it easy, and you can also share the video on YouTube. It suits those who depend on Shutterstock to source images, videos, and sound effects.  

  1. Animatron 

Animatron also works online, and you can use it to create marketing videos, HTML5 presentations, and more. It’s a platform highly recognized by companies such as Disney and Google. 

To get started, they offer more than 500,000 free video clips. As you use the platform, you can import your voiceovers and utilize the keyframing feature. The only problem here is when you try to use some advanced features since they may be harder to use until you find a guiding tutorial. 

  1. Biteable 

Biteable is also online, refuting the need to download dedicated software to create an animated marketing video. There are informative videos, blogs, and updates on the platform for those wondering where to get started. 

Biteable also has animated scenes that you can use on your video. It’s also possible to adjust them to your liking. More features include adding color, photos, sounds, and text. The only limitation is that you have to buy a subscription plan to use Biteable. 

  1. Animaker 

Lastly, we have the Animaker, which has six video styles to utilize. They include 2D, 2.5D, infographics, handcraft, whiteboard animation, and typography. It’s easy to use, and that is why it welcomes even the starters. 

There are numerous styles to choose from, and you can use them to create a fully customizable video to suit your business and marketing needs.

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The five tools above will help you create a cartoon video for your digital marketing needs. They have plenty of features and various sharing methods, and that’s why they are all recommendable. 

You can start with Doratoon to see how it works. Once you sign up, check out the templates and tutorials available to learn how to use the platform for the best marketing intentions.

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