Best Smartwatch under $100 Dollars

If you are looking for Best Smartwatch under $100 Dollars So, We have created a list for 7 Best Smartwatch that you can buy in 2020 also I promise this list will not make a hole in your budget.

1. Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch (Best Cheapest Smartwatch)

One of the important parts of smartwatches is their design. When you imagine a wristwatch, the immediate shape that comes to mind is that of a circle. For the Amazfit Verge Lite, Huami went with a circular watch face.

It does not feel cheap, but it doesn’t feel premium either. Under $100, I do think Huami has found a good balance. The face of the device is home to a 1.3-inch circular AMOLED display which results in a dial diameter of 43mm.


I found it the most accurate for tracking your outdoor run. Since it has GPS built-in, the watch not only tracks your run but also maps it. At the end of the run, the smartwatch shows duration, distance, pace, heart rate, cadence, stride length, and calories burned. As someone who runs only while testing wearables, this is a lot of data to consume.

2. Garmin Vívomove Sport

Garmin’s $100 Vivomove smartwatch gives you the opportunity to be as lazy, or as active, as you want. The Garmin Vivomove smartwatch barely classifies as smart. Rather than focusing on features, it emphasizes the appearance and function of a traditional watch, with smart features sprinkled on top.

3. MyKronoz ZeRound2 Smartwatch

MyKronoz ZeRound 3 is an excellent all-rounder and probably the best watch in the MyKronoz lineup. It still has its fair share of issues and while it doesn’t boast a flashy design or robust app support it makes up for it with the excellent and vibrant screen, great battery life, and a high level of wear comfort. Oh, and did I mention that it cost only $99,90?

4. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch 

At less than $80, the Amazfit Bip is one of the least-expensive fitness trackers with both GPS and a heart rate monitor. It has a fairly good companion app, as well as a couple of independent, compatible apps for iOS and Android. If you are looking for sophisticated smartwatch features such as music storage, a dedicated app store, and the ability to respond to emails and texts, you’ll want something like the Apple Watch.

But if you just want something that has a lot of features, kinda sorta looks like an Apple Watch and costs a lot less, the Amazfit Bip could be your jam.

5. Pebble Time Round

The Pebble Time Round is the most elegant smartwatch Pebble has ever made. It’s thin, light, and comes in widths that would fit even the most slender of wrists. Its circular, all-metal chassis and options for both leather and metal straps make this a device to behold. Yet, Pebble made significant tradeoffs to achieve such a slim design.

The reduced two-day battery life is a big blow; worse, it negates one of the few factors that made previous Pebble watches so unique. Designing it to be less water-resistant feels like a misstep as well. That wouldn’t even be such a big deal if the Time Round didn’t cost $249, which puts it in the same price class as more feature-rich Android Wear watches. In the end, the Time Round is really only for those who want a pretty smartwatch regardless of the compromises.

6. Amazfit Pace

The Amazfit Pace is less expensive and lacks some of the features of the Stratos. This new model doesn’t support swim tracking, and it’s only IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. That means it’ll be fine if immersed up to 1m deep in water for a short time, which is not good enough for swimmers.

7. Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E’s slightly more expensive next of kin excels at GPS performance and rocks a more ruggedized build. Both work to the advantage of those who want to put their wearable through its paces, but the sporty design might be a turn-off if you find the E’s minimalistic look appealing.



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