10 Best Netflix Google Chrome Extensions

In this modern upgraded world can you imagine your life without Netflix, well that would be depressing. All things considered, there’s something else to do besides what might be immediately obvious that you can do with your Netflix membership other than just binge-watch House of Cards. Your eyes are very acceptable in case you are adhered to at home because of this pandemic. Likely you will land up watching Netflix however before watching you must read this article because it will be very useful to you.

In this article we will show you the 10 best Netflix Chrome Extensions, this article is a bit uncommon than others because in this article we accompanied numerous new extensions because the greater part of the old extensions is biting the dust and obsolete at this point. Thus, here are the absolute best new chrome extensions for Netflix.

Top 10 Netflix Google Chrome Extensions

1. Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix

IMDB Ratings on Netflix

Trim is a google chrome extension that is like a RateFlix extension that shows you the IMDB rating on Netflix. In any case, Trim additionally shows you the rotten tomatoes looking out for your Netflix television programs and movies. That way you can look at the two of them and afterward you can see which one’s better yet considering Trim is the freshest one that is the main contrast we could discover. So, here’s how it works: when you introduce the extension, the rating will show up on the highest point of the thumbnails. You can likewise tap on the appraisals and view the review on IMDB or rotten tomatoes.

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2. Netflix Autoskip: Skip intro and outro

Netflix Autoskip

Netflix Autoskip is another extension and it does skip the outros and intros automatically. Simply you need to install the Netflix Autoskip extension from Google Chrome and this extension will consequently skip the introductions and outros from the films, shows, and so forth for you. Thus, you don’t need to go snap that button in case you are simply lethargic. So, simply install the extension and tap on the extension after its establishment to ensure that the two choices are chosen and afterward refresh your Netflix page. Presently, on the off chance that you are observing any shows and there’s an introduction, the extension will automatically skip for you.

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3. Netflix Viewing Stats

Netflix Viewing Stats

Thus, in case you are interested in how long you spend on every single Netflix show or explicit in a film or a TV show, then, at that point, this extension does precisely the same thing but more in-depth and gives you a long exposition about it. For example, when you introduce the extension, you can see the data on how much you spent your time on films and TV shows. Average time per day you use, like you use Netflix for a little while at the end of the week, however on Sundays you observe over three hours or more; along these lines, it will give you information about the titles watched, devices used, and considerably more.

Get Netflix Viewing Stats

4. Scener

Watch Netflix and more with friends

Thus, Scener is another Chrome extension that allows you to share your Netflix while watching it. Yet, cool and interesting, you can do a video chat while you are showing your Netflix videos and watching them with others. The sharing is pretty simple when you install the extension simply open it and click on ‘Make a Private Theater’ and after sharing the code most of you can go along with him with the stream. Just the owner of the theatre can pause and play the stream any way you have the choice to give the remote to another person in the stream. And, ensure that all the members who joined your stream have their own Netflix account.

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5. Language Learning with Netflix

So, if you want to learn a new language which you know once in a blue moon. When you feel like the longer apps are not working or you just suddenly had an inspiration this extension does the job for you. This extension allows a user to choose a second language in addition to the primary subtitle language. For example, if you want to learn Spanish or Afrikaans or French or whatever you want. So, to do this simply watch any movies or shows in reasonable language, you can follow the subtitles which show two languages. The first subtitles are about the language which you want to learn and the second subtitle are the translated ones which you understand.

Get Language Learning with Netflix

6. ShuffleFlix – Netflix Random Episode Button

Netflix Random Episode Button

If you tend to re-watch episodes or a whole show altogether every couple of weeks which many users do. But you have seen it so many times but it’s still fresh. Shuffle Flix is an extension that does a cool thing with it. So, first of all, install the Shuffle Flix extension and turn it on for Netflix. Then just start any movies or shows you can see that add a shuffle sign onto the playback bar at the right corner of the Netflix screen. So, if you have half a dozen seasons and no specific episode in mind just relax and hit the shuffle icon that way it will do the work for you.

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7. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

The Netflix Party extension is the same as the Scener extension but in comparison, Netflix Party has more cool features. This extension permits you to sync up the shows and movies that are available on Netflix with friends, families as well as individuals anywhere around the world. The best feature about the Netflix Party is that it creates a private room where you can talk, chat and watch the Netflix shows with others. And make sure that those who are invited to your party have their account then they can use this extension.

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8. Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture is another cool extension, because when you watch Netflix or you want to do another thing you need to reposition your Windows which is a big problem among others. Even if your small your Netflix and try to use another application it will automatically disappear. Now that you need to reposition your Windows and try to do this balancing act so to resolve this problem we have the Picture in Picture extension. Using this extension, you can easily make your Netflix Windows smaller and can do any other things while watching shows.

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9. Netflix Categories

Most people know the Netflix secret codes and essentially all you gotta do is to change the URL. For this, you need to type Netflix.com/browser/ and then write the secret code which will take you to the specific type of genre of movies. To do this simply install the Netflix Categories extension and click on Add to Chrome. Once you add the extension you can see all of the Netflix categories. You can search and be able to hear the categories that you like to watch more frequently.

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10. Netflix Extended

Netflix Extended

For those who like to use keyboard shortcuts, you all know some simple shortcuts. Some of them are F for full screen, ESC to escape from the full screen, ‘spacebar’ to pause and resume the video, M to mute the video, and many more. However, the one thing many of you couldn’t find is the ability to go to the next episode but you can create all those new shortcut keys using the Netflix Extended. In this, you will get many options to create different shortcut keys and after the creation, you can use those keys on Netflix. 

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I hope these Netflix Chrome extensions will help you to improve your streaming experience now you can successfully view IMDB steps without leaving the Netflix dashboard, or if you are looking for or random Netflix series you can do that too. If you have other suggestions for Chrome extension do let me know via Twitter @Devenderkg

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