7 Best Monitors for Nintendo Switch

Best Monitors for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the best and unique consoles in the market. The built-in display is super fine for playing casual games but if you are someone who likes to play and enjoy games on a bigger screen we have hand-picked some of the best monitors for Nintendo switch in this article all the are monitors are used by us. Also, we have lifted pros and cons that will definitely help you while making decisions.

1. Asus VG245H

The Asus VG245H gaming monitor is a high-quality monitor. This monitor is loaded with different gamer-driven features designed in a way to amplify your gaming experience and take it to the next level. Because of a naturally lower lag time between the pressing of button and action on monitor time to virtually zero. And, this results in a near-instant response time experience of approximately 1millisecond with an instant refresh rate of 75Hz that provides fast-paced gameplay.

Best Monitors for Nintendo Switch

It is prescribed to utilize this monitor in light of the fact that ASUS has a best and one-of-a-kind eye-care innovation. With free and versatile sync innovation that gives a refreshing pace of 75Hz. Asus VG245H has ergonomic remain with full stature acclimation to oblige your work area with its in addition to capacities to improve the color execution and control.


  • It has a fully ergonomic design with AMD-free sync up to 75Hz
  • Quick responding time with a lower lag time
  • Best image quality


  • Calibration outside the box is required.

2. Dell S2418H

The Dell S2418H is one of the best and unique looking monitors under its budget. Dell S2418H comes with the thinnest bezels, a solid aluminum stand, and a smooth – glossy look. Dell S2418H is a non-touchable monitor with a display of 60.45cm. This monitor has an LED Backlit Backlight with the panel type of IPS panel that provides a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The S2418H comes with an external speaker which fits best into the base of the little holder.

Dell S2418H

The design of this monitor is decent with its premium and finished look. The picture quality of Dell S2418H is full HD (4K) with a 178-degree horizontal angle view. Dell S2418H has a maximum response time of 6 milliseconds that fits best for a gamer under the brightness of 250 nits.


  • It has a good picture quality.
  • Have attractive thin designs.
  • With powerful sound quality.


  • Physical buttons are disordered.
  • Don’t have a power cord in the accessories.

3. Lepow Portable Monitor

Are you looking for a portable monitor under your budget? Then, Lepow Lite H1 Portable Monitor is your partner to choose with. Lepow Lite H1 is a lightweight monitor with a portable 14-inch display that can be used for both business and entertainment purposes. Lepow Lite H1 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz with Type C USB, HDMI, and a 3.5mm audio hardware interface. This portable monitor has HD screen quality with 1920*1080 screen resolution and also it offers a 178degree wide view with an eye protection feature.

Lepow Portable Monitor

Lepow Lite H1 is a lightweight monitor that provides an ultra-slim screen of approximately 0.24inches. This monitor has a total weight of 1.7lb that comes with the IPS technology panel means a screen that shows the best picture quality under your budget.


  • Lepow Lite is extremely portable.
  • Provide eye care protection.


  • Ports are disordered.
  • Didn’t provide volume control.

4. Dell S2417DG

Are you looking for the best gaming monitor when your research ends here? Dell S2417DG is the best dell gaming monitor with an ultra-slim look and also it cannot overstate. S2417DG comes with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and has a maximum 1millisecond response time that fits best for gaming. This Dell monitor has only an HDMI hardware interface with an overall screen size of 60.47 inches and has a 2560 pixels horizontal resolution.

The Dell S2417DG has 165 Hz GSM frequencies with a total of 5 USB ports. This monitor provides a 170-degree real-angle view with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels that provides HD picture quality. The narrow bezel and flush frame with the contrast at max brightness came in at 500:1, which is a great deal.


  • Have high pixel density.
  • Comes with g-Sync support and has a high refresh rate.


  • Color washed out before the measurement.
  • Color setting required great improvement.

5. Acer R240HY Bidx

Acer R240HY Bidx is the best quality monitor with a 23.8 inches display. It features an IPS panel with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. Its 24 inches IPS display gives an amazing viewing angle and also gives a very accurate color production. Out of the box that already has good color calibration which means you don’t need to change any of those settings. Acer R240HY Bidx has a frameless special feature with a refresh rate of 60Hz and this monitor has a maximum response time of 4millisecond.

Acer R240HY Bidx

The zero-frame design of this monitor gives maximum visibility of the screen with a 178-degree wide-angle view. Acer R240HY Bidx supports HDCP 1.4 with the HDMI, DVI & VGA hardware interface. The maximum brightness of this monitor is 250 nits and can be easily adjusted.


  • It has full HD screen resolution.
  • Zero design frame provides maximum visibility.


  • Have a low refresh rate.
  • Don’t have the latest HDCP 2.2.

6. Acer SB220Q

Acer SB220Q looks adequate from any location because of its narrow frame that is only 0.24 inches and has an ultra-slim bezel. This monitor has an attractive and patterned stand and Acer SB220Q has a display of 21.5 inches diagonally which is enough to play and work. SB220Q is built with an IPS panel and has a full HD screen of 1920×1080 pixel resolution. The Acer SB220Q has a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz using the HDMI hardware interface.

Acer SB220Q

Acer SB220Q has a special frameless feature with the Radeon free sync technology. With its ultra-thin and zero frames design, it has a 4 millisecond maximum response time. This monitor has an HDMI & VGA port with a maximum brightness of 250 nits. Acer SB220Q has a tilt angle from 5 degrees to 15 degrees and has a horizontal view angle of 178 degrees that provides the best picture quality.


  • Have an ultra-thin bezel.
  • Provided AMD Freesync.


  • It doesn’t have USB ports.
  • Not compatible with the VESA mount.

7. Sceptre C278W-1920R

Are you looking for a new innovative monitor with many hot new features then your research ends here; because the Sceptre C278W-1920R is exactly what you are looking for. Sceptre C278W-1920R is a curved shape LED monitor with a full HD screen display of 27 inches. The hardware interface of this monitor consists of HDMI, a display port, a VGA, and a speaker port which comes with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The maximum response time of this monitor is 5millisecond.

Sceptre C278W-1920R

Sceptre C278W-1920R is a curved LED FHD monitor which is compatible with Windows 10,8,7, macOS Sierra, and with OS X EI Capitan. The immersive curvature of this monitor is 1800R with a total lamp life of 50,000 hours which provides you the best picture quality experience.  


  • Curved LED FHD monitor.
  • Compatible with almost every OS.


  • Don’t have an in-built speaker.
  • Stand only provides the tilt adjustment.


Our recommendation is depending on what we believe about the best computer monitor that is presently available in the market. They are adapted as the best monitors by many people in the given price range. These top 7 Monitors for Nintendo Switch are selected in our articles based on their reviews, lifetime, and some hot new features & innovations. Most monitors are adequate to please many people, and the things we fault monitors on are regularly not recognizable except if you truly search for them.

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