10 Best iPad 9 Cases and Covers

Apple introduced the new iPad 2021 the entry-level iPad with much-needed camera upgrade zoom meeting, the iPad 9th generation comes with a 12MP ultrawide front-facing camera powered by an A13 Bionic chip, a True Tone display that adjusts color temperature to match your environment and the Center Stage as was exclusively available to the 2021 iPad Pro. In terms of design, the iPad 9 is identical to the previous generation which means you can use your old cases and covers for any other accessory that you bought. If you want to enhance your iPad expreance you should get a wireless mouse you can check our article – Best Wireless Mouse for iPad.

Best iPad 9 Cases and Covers You Should Buy in 2021

The iPad is a device that is used by everyone in the house be it kids or grown-ups, like any other gadget and if it gets broken it can cause too much money to get it fixed, that’s why a cover or case is mandatory. Almost everyone is having a different use case for the iPad hence the required different covers, for instance, I really like writing my notes by using an Apple pencil and I don’t like bulky covers but some people do like heavy-duty covers to protect their precious device. I have created a list for everyone it doesn’t matter if you are into Looks for the protection or if you want to use your iPad for watching movies and keeping it on the table I got you covered with these amazing cases for the 9th-gen iPad.

1. Apple Smart Cover for iPad (9th generation)

If you are looking for a premium slim and sleek cover for the 9th generation iPad, that situation I would highly recommend you to check out the Apple smart cover. It’s very slim and made out of premium material it is constructed from a single piece of polyurethane and wraps around the iPad snuggly.


It’s a smart cover it comes with the functionality of auto sleep and wakes also so I can help you save a lot of battery and you don’t need to press your power button again and again. One of the reasons that I highly recommend this case is the ability to fold in different positions it will definitely enhance your FaceTime sessions with your friend or family members as well as zoom meetings. it is priced at $49 and I can easily say that it is one of the best iPad cases in the market right now.

Buy from Apple: $49

2. ESR Trifold Case

If you are in the market and looking for a cheap case without missing out on the features and style the ESR Trifold Case is for you. The case fits the new iPad 2021 perfectly. Design voice it’s quite slim and feels robust. The stand works really well I have been using this case for almost a month, all the holes for the button are correctly placed. I’ve been using the iPad for attending a lot of meetings and classes and I never faced any issue with this case.

It is an absolute bargain at this price, especially when compared to official Apple cases! By the way the case also supports auto sleep and wake-up functionality same as the Apple smart cover for iPad 9th generation at a very affordable price, if you are tired on a budget this is my recommendation for you.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

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3. Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (9th generation)

If you are planning to use the iPad the 9th generation as a laptop alternative for writing documents and looking for a top-notch keyboard case for iPad 9th generation, look no farther, the official Apple smart keyboard for iPad comes at $159 but 1 justify the price the keyboard keys are tactile and fun to type without any hassle.

3. Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad (9th generation)

It’s a full-size keyboard and the typing experience is amazing the keyboard case is extremely precise with the iPad size it allows you to you comfortable access all the force also it can protect your iPad from minor shocks overall it is the best keyboard case for 9th-gen iPad.

Buy from Apple: $159

4. ESR Stand Case

If you are planning to use your iPad as a media construction machine and looking for a robust iPad case with stand and looking for some protection the ESR Stand Case is for you. The case is well built and it can protect your iPad from shock impacts or against accidental drops.

The cake stand is designed exceptionally well it allows you to get a better viewing experience it supports 7 different angles you can choose according to your comfort for the moon If you are using an Apple pencil the case has a holder for it this case can provide safety as well as functionality four easy best viewing angles for watching Netflix or any other OTT platform. The kickstand case is priced at $30 and it seems very reasonable for the functionality and protection it offers.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

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5. HBorna

If you don’t like wraparound covers this one is for you. HBorna for iPad is a transparent TPU case, so you will not be compromising with the looks of the iPad the case fits precisely all the buttons and ports cuts are perfect, from small impacts but don’t expect too much as it’s quite thin and it does not support auto sleep and wake functionality as the traditional iPad covers.

Best iPad 9 Cases and Covers

If you are in the market for a simple case this is what I recommend it is priced at $9.99 it’s good for you in day-to-day usage can protect the iPad from small then and minor scratches but you shouldn’t expect too much from it.

Buy from Amazon: $8.99

Top Cases and Covers for iPad 9

I hope I have helped you making your choice and finding the best cover for the iPad 9th generation, do share this article with your friends and family members, and if you would like to suggest any other case or cover you can always reach me out on Twitter at Devenderkg.


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