5 Best Android App Development Languages

Android App Development Languages

Do you prefer Android or iOS more? Do you use secured connections, or do you open information to the whole world? Nobody can say what is better to do nowadays or if it is possible to save you from big international data. Reasonings can be long and hot, but the truth is that if you are not a super-secret agent, you need a smartphone to improve your life. The smartphone is an electronic device with a great design and cameras, but it is still a piece of metal if you don’t add applications. Thousands of programmers all over the world create and refine them every day. Every new company or government organization tries to transform its processes and make them more useful thanks to the applications that give users 24/7 access to their services. To support this system, a lot of programmers are required, and if you want to be one of them, you need to choose a language you will learn. Now we want to discuss the top 5 android application development languages for today.  

Python — The King of the Kings!

Python is a popular language for a lot of programming tasks. Android applications are not an exclusion. For those who think it is not modern enough, we can remind you that if you are a Python programmer, all spheres are open for you. This object-oriented language offers dynamic building that is a useful tool for applications. Let’s not forget that it is simple enough and friendly for beginners. The large community is ready for the new members. We believe that this language will probably enter the school program, and everybody who has technical skills will study it with math and physics as a standard course. 

C# — Clear and Simple

 This modern, powerful language was created as an evolution of C and C++. As a result, it is available for all programmers who know these languages. Microsoft created it, so they always improve the libraries and tools for C#. C# has a clean and simple syntax that makes it great for every problem that android applications can give. You can start and finish the development of your app only using C#, and it concerns all difficulty levels of the app. This language was built with an important principle that allows the next programmer to read and understand the code of the previous programmer easily and quickly. Isn’t it quite important nowadays?  

The next language on our list is Java. For some time ago, this language was an official language of android apps. Google supports it, so you can only imagine how many features, tools, and extra bonuses it gives to Java. Although many other languages are great for android apps, the majority of them are written in Java. This language is not simple. Its syntax, logic, and visualization are not for newbies. However, it has a huge community that is friendly and ready to help.      

Kolin — Let’s Get Official 

Kotlin. Kotlin replaced Java as an official android application language. This cross-platform language is young compared with Java or Python but has already taken a strong position among the developers. This language is easy to learn, has clear syntax, and is concise. The integration with frameworks is not a problem for everybody who uses Kotlin. Thanks to such options and the support of Google, this language has a great future and a lot of followers nowadays. If you want to learn a narrowly focused language, Kotlin is a perfect choice. 

Dart — Top for Development

This language is rare but perfectly suits android apps development. Some people who count unique programming languages say that there are more than 700 of them. Those who count derivatives say more than 9000, so don’t be surprised that you never hear about one of them. Dart was created especially for app development as an open-source programming language. It is focused on UI and optimized to work on any platform. Hot-reload is a great feature that allows you to see the changes during working with an app. It shows beautiful and fast performance in less time.       

Get Things Done No Matter the Language

It is rather difficult to decide on the language you want to study — the world of web and app development changes, and spending years for one of the coding languages may seem risky. Consider this — the logic of programming hasn’t changed since Visual Basic, and even if the official app language changes, you will grasp new tricks much faster than others. If it still seems like too much work, follow this link AssignmentCore.com, and address this service when you feel stuck with your programming assignment. You may know better than us that programming practice often means perfect, and there are too many tasks that are not very practical. 

Academic programming courses are useful, but sometimes rather outdated. That is why it is a good idea to delegate some tasks to professionals while you move forward with your app development. At this service, you can choose the most suitable expert to deal with your coding problem based on their experience and transparent pricing. It is better to delegate than to get stuck and procrastinate. You cannot let some unresolved issues with programming hometasks stand between you and your career. Developers and software-engineers are the top-paid specialists around the world. Wouldn’t you like to be among them?

The list above contains the best languages, so try any of them, and you’ll be successful. However, the IT world develops so fast, and languages appear so quickly that you need to look after them attentively. For those ready to learn and follow the trends, IT professions won’t bring satisfaction, sound money, and self-affirmation. But if you want to create useful things for half of the world, then this is your way. Remember that languages like Python are multipurpose, so you can change your direction every minute. More narrowly focused languages are harder in this question but still possible to use in another sphere. 

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