9 Best 38 Inch Monitors to Fit in Your Drawing Room

Who doesn’t want broader screen monitors to carry out multitasking and for enjoying a wider display? The 38 inches monitor falls under the category of ultra-wide monitors, while the other sizes are 34 inches and 49-inch super ultra-wide monitors. As you can see, buying the best 38 inch monitor will be the best path to choose if you don’t want a super ultra-wide screen and fall short of budget. Still not convinced about buying the best 38-inch monitors over the other two sizes? Stay with us to know more, also check out Best Super Ultrawide Monitors.

Advantages of Fitting The Best 38-inch Monitors in your Room.

Best 38 Inch Monitors For Gamers and Tech Savvies. 

1. Dell U3818DW LED Screen lit Computer Monitor ( Best monitor for port connectivity). 

The Dell U series 38-inch computer monitor with LED screen has thorough research input and output arrangements. The flicker-free screen with comfort view protects your eyes with its TUV certification. Though not exactly 38 inches (37.5 inches screen) has a black surface color and virtually borderless infinity edge. The curved screen enables you to work in a more focused way free from exterior distractions. 

Plus features. 

  • Numerous ports and slots are available for enriched connectivity. HDMI connectors, AC power connector, Audio line out port, USB downstream port with power charging, etc. 
  • The display resolution can be expected at the max QHD ultra-wide 3840*1600 pixels. 
  • The refresh rate is about 60 Hz. 
  • The single KVM feature enables the display as well as simultaneously editing of content from two PCs at one time. 
  • There are well-arranged multiple ranges of ports. 
  • Impressive ergonomics 
  • The presence of extra ports, tools, and added features enable the ultra-wide monitor to perform multiple tasks. 


  • The biggest disappointment among some users is its frequent disconnecting feature. Therefore, one will face trouble in gaming. 
  • The problem arises while connecting a  USB-C laptop such as Macbook. 

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2. LG 38WK95C-W 38-inch Curved Monitor ( Best HDR 10 monitor) 

What is so special about the LG 38WK95C-W monitor? Well, the best 38 inch monitor shares special features such as tilt and height adjustment, and a curved screen. The display resolution of the 37.5 inches wide PC screen is also supreme with WQHD 3840*1600 pixels. The refresh rate of the model is about 75 Hz. The screen layout and the aspect ratio are about 21:9 where the color covers are of 99% sRGB spectrum. 

Plus features. 

  • The design is incredible, consisting of an ultra-thin bezel on three sides which gives a precise visual experience. 
  • The USB type C ports permit 4k quality video display, fast laptop charging, and data transfer. 
  • The sleek design of the monitor is more heightened with the attached ergonomic Arcline stand. 
  • Digital display ports like USB, HDMI, and power supply connectivities are available. 


  • Unlike any typical Dell computer, users may confront vertical lines or dead pixels issues.

3. Dell Alienware AW3821DW Curved 38 inch Gaming Monitor (Best Comprehensive 38″ Monitor )

If you want to compare Dell Alienware 38″ monitor with other monitors comprehensively then nothing can beat the masterpiece. The 38″ wide monitor comes with WQHD NVIDIA ®  G-Sync ultimate offering great picture clarity to the viewers. To those real gamers, the Dell Alienware monitor can elevate your gaming experience by offering differing gamer-centric options along with comfortable angular views. 

Plus features 

  • The monitor is TUV certified which gives easiness to the eyes with its flicker-free screen and comfortable viewing. 
  • The response time is 4 ms for gray-to-gray fast and 1 ms for gray-to-gray extreme. 
  • Display ports such as 2 HDMI, USB 3.2 gen 1 upstream, and downstream ports, headphones, and audio line out jacks. 
  • The refresh rate for HDMI is 85 Hz and for the display port is 144 Hz. 
  • With a brightness of 600 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, it has a 130.6% RGB color gamut. 


  • Should have been less expensive otherwise all features are impressive.

4. ViewSonic ColorPro VP3881A 38″ Curved IPS Monitor. ( Best monitor with a clean IPS and precise color display). 

The certified super clean IPS with Viewsonic color curved monitor delivers unbelievable detailing to the viewers. The WQHD + resolution arrives with HDR 10 content support which gives access to intrinsic video playback. You won’t have to letterbox a video as they can be well edited with the 21:9 aspect ratio. The display screen is developed based on eye care technology and prevents max involvement of blue light or flicker in the screening. For more accountability, the colorpro monitor arrives with its own color calibration report. 

Plus features 

  • Precise lively images with the inclusion of screen-wide sRGB, SMPTE, EBU, etc, and a smooth palette of more than 4.3 trillion colors. 
  • The hardware calibration ensures that the displayed color matches the file. 
  • The connectivity is flexible with a port system supporting PCs, laptops, and Mac Operating systems. 
  • Adjustable height between 19.6 to 24.8 inches. 
  • The refresh rate is about 60 Hz. 
  • On-screen display with anti-glare and vDislplay manager. 


  • Not as advertised, image quality should have been better. 
  • The display color is warm orangish which looks surreal. 

5. Asus Designo Curve ( Best 38 inch monitor with eye-friendly features)

Asus Designo Curve serves with better sharpness and contrast levels. You can enjoy the screening display with enriched scenery, theater, darkroom, and night view effects. The 37.5 inches monitor will suit all purposes including gaming, graphic designing, or office work. The ergonomic and edgy finish will make your office or personal room appear more aesthetic and luxurious.

Added features 

  • With an aspect ratio of 21:9, it has 3840*1600p resolution at max. 
  • The response time is 4 ms and the refresh rate is 75 Hz. 
  • It supports 1,07B sRGB color with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. 
  • The monitor can be charged with the help of a wireless charger. 
  • Have AMD FreeSync support. 


  • It fails to provide USB support to the users. 
  • The brightness uniformity is not up to the mark. 

6. Acer CZ0 Full HD Widescreen Monitor (Best renewed 38 inches monitor)

Acer CZ0 widescreen monitor is a refurbished monitor from Amazon arriving with a refresh rate of 75 Hz and an aspect ratio of 21:9. The twisted Nematic film display makes the monitor suitable for viewing any time of gaming or video content from any angle. Within 1 ms of response time, you can start surfing. 

Plus features 

  • The exterior color is black. 
  • Wider screen curved monitor with a display resolution of 3840*1600 pixels. 
  • The refresh rate is 75 Hz 
  • The twisted nematic film display is visible from all angles. 


  • Given the product is refurbished many complained about its durability. 
  • A few users also received broken parts like the USB hub. 

7. BenQ EW3880R Monitor (Best Monitor to Place in Workplace)

BenQ monitors have a specialty in maintaining the overall computer monitor in terms of its height or tilt. The particular model we are speaking about has a refresh rate of 60 Hz with flexible tilt, height, and swivel adjustments. It has the potential in creating a great scene friendly to entertainment and parties. You can anytime bang on in your four-walled room with leverages like an IPS panel with HDRI and other ultra audio-visual features. 

Plus features 

  • Leverages like HDRi IPS panel, and 95% DCI – P3 broad color gamut can rock the world. 
  • The monitor is curved 2300R with an aspect ratio of 21:9. 
  • The monitor can be controlled by sitting a few distances away with a remote. 
  • Soothing for the eyes as it comes with eye care and height adjustment stands. 
  • Theatre-like experience with 2*3W speakers with 8W subwoofer. 


  • Not ideal for farmers as they have to struggle specifically in fast games. 
  • The brightness is average with an ordinary contrast. 

8. MSI UWQHD+ Optix MEG381CQE Plus Monitor (Best gaming 38″ monitor) 

The MSI gaming monitor has a faster and smoother response with its incredible 175 Hz refresh rate. Further, you don’t have to be troubled about screen chopping or tearing of the frame rates with its 1 ms response time. The connectivity available for this monitor is via DisplayPort cable, USB type a type b cable, and HDMI cable. 

Plus features 

  • The MSI optic monitor arrives with a UWQHD+ IPS display with a max resolution of 3840*1600 pixels. 
  • Within the contrast ratio of 1000:1, it has a brightness of 600 nits. 
  • The curtailment of blue eyes receives from eye strain to an extent. 
  • You won’t face any motion blur, image year, or judges because of the presence of Nvidia G-SYNC ultimate. 
  • The availability of the display ports and HDMI ports offer chances for flexibility of choices in video inputs. 


  • The absence of a USB C port or the thunderbolt will not make it possible to connect with the fitted laptops. 
  • Quite expensive compared to the features. 
  • At times you think about using the 3840*1600p resolution with HDMI then you can enjoy only an 85 Hz refresh rate. 

9. LG 38WN75C Curved Ultrawide Monitor. ( Best 38″ monitor with an ultra-wide curved display)

The ultra-wide curved display model by LG arrives with adjustable height and tilt stand along with black outer color. It also comprises of sRGB 99% color gamut alongside 75 Hz of the refresh rate. The ultra-wide QHD + display also comes with the reader mode with which you can analyze the detailed reporting. Unlike the SDR picture experience, the HDR color content gives a boost to your visual experience with elevated picture quality. Anytime can customize your workplace by simply splitting the screen and thereby performing multiple tasks at one go. 

Plus features 

  • More realistic gaming venture with the Dynamic Action sync. 
  • Carry out your multiple tasks with the 21:9 aspect ratio mode. 
  • Comes with an ergonomic design that is virtually borderless, tilt in height, and has a one-click stand. 
  • Color calibrated with the sRGB 99% color gamut. 
  • Comfortable viewing with tilt and height adjustable stand. 


  • The monitor should have come with an extra display port cable which is much needed for 3840*1600 resolution. 
  • The packaging should have been better. 

The End: Buy Wisely 

The above 9 best 38 inch monitors have their strong and weak features but you should buy the monitor keeping in mind what purpose it would serve for you. If you are specifically into gaming then a monitor with fast response, refresh rate, and connectivity would count more than someone thinking of using the monitor for office work. However, monitors for work or academic reasons should always focus more on the aspect ratio, adjusting height stands, and features like split screens than other factors. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other best 38″ monitors in mind. 


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