Avision Self- Service Copier

Everybody needs a scanner or printer that can ease the work load and makes your printing experience easier and convenient. Today Avision launched world’s first self service copier X2030 in india with it’s cool functions that I haven’t seen before in any scanner and printer. Ms. Claire Sung(Marketing Manager of Avision) said that the product is ideal for school, campus, library, hotels and hospitality businesses, retail stores etc. So, now let’s have look at the specifications on this copier below.

Features and Specifications :

The copier comes with a 4.3 inch colour touch screen display. Avision claims that the copier produces quality print at a speed of 30 PPM(Print Per Minute) approx. The copier has a large capacity tray of up to 250 sheets of paper and a high-yield 4,000- pages toner cartridges. There are many connectivity options available like 4g, Wi-Fi, Hotspot that offers great signal quality without connecting it to an Ethernet cable as per the company claims.

The best and the collest feature about this product is that, it supports UPI payment method for the copies you have printed. Users can make the payment through UPI supported mobile wallets, and it supports at least 90% of mobile wallets in india.

Avision Self- Service Copier
Photo by Aman Panchal / Gizmoxo

How it Works?

There are total three built in options are available to use in copier to take printouts.


First the scanner scan the document, which is on the top of the copier, and then the Avision SSC generates Payment QR code for the user to confirm payment amount. Now you can make the payment through any UPI supported mobile wallets, after the payment is successful copying is done.

Mobile Printing

First you need to install the Avision SSC APP in you smartphone for it, and then just open the app upload the file or document to Avision Cloud service system. Now the the Avision SSC generates the Payment QR code for the user to confirm the payment amount, just pay through any UPI supported mobile wallets and yoir mobile printing is done.

USB Printing

You just need to plug in the USB Disk into the copier, and then select the file you want to print from the Avision SSC’s screen. Now the the Avision SSC generates the Payment QR code for the user to confirm the payment amount, just pay through any UPI supported mobile wallets and your USB printing is done.


The copier is really helpful for working professionals, college students and gives you some great benifits. The user can copy or print anytime of the day as he/she wants. Users can make payments through UPI supported mobile wallets, that saves you to carry around cash everywhere and everyday specially for working professionals. It will be really helpful for you in reducing administrative cost to handle payment problems. The copier allows the user to print directly from their smartphones, tablets etc, which is a really convenient feature in today’s world.

According to Mr. Arsh (India Channel Sales Head) the Avision Self-Service Copier and Printer is going to offer more secure and convenient path to access services and do payments. It will help in reducing the labour costs of business as the user don’t need any skilled personnel near the device while operating it.


This Avision Self-Service Copier and Printer will bring revolution in this industry, and other brands will also try to compete with it. This copier is coupled with the best feature that a cashless economy needs, and also taking a step towards in making Digital India. The company is planning to to install Avision Self-Service Copiers Pan India by November 2019.

Tell us your printing experience from your Printer or Print Shop? Do you also need something like that near you? Let us know about it in the comments section.



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