Android Q

Google has introduced Android 10th Edition Android Q in Google I / O this week . This new operating system is fully presented with new features, gestures, AI and better privacy features. There are currently 2.45 billion active Android device users worldwide. Many of these users will benefit from this new operating system. Most of the flagship and mid-range smartphones launching in the last quarter of this year and next year will be launched with the Android Q operating system. At the same time, it will roll out in many smartphones launched this year and the last year. Let’s know about this latest operating system

Android 10 Q Beta 3

Two beta for Android Q have already been rolled out. The latest beta of this latest operating system has been rolled out to 21 devices this week. In addition to the Google Pixel device, these smartphones have also been rolled out for the devices of Huawei, OnePlus, LG, Nokia and Xiaomi. Google has not yet released the full name of the Android 10 Q but it has been informed that this operating system will roll out to 6 beta users. The final version of its operating system will be rolled out in the third quarter.

Full Name of Android 10 Q

Google has not given the full name of Android 10 Q but the previous versions of Android have been launched in the name of a sweet or a detergent. The name of the last variant Android 9 P of Android is also found. Similarly, Android 10 Q can be named Queen’s Jelly.

Gesture & Navigation

In the Android 9 Piey launched last year, the new pill button and new swapping gesture were given compared to the previous version, which replaced the soft and home of the Recently Used Apps. Like the Apple device in the Android 10 Q, the gesture bar is given below. Swipe-up and holding in it can go to the Recently Used app. For this, you have to scroll left or right. You need to swipe left or right to switch to an app. Although beta testing of the Android 10 Q is going on, but it is quite clear that the navigation button has been eliminated and the gesture has been brought in.


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